Participating member(s) LEO Demcon / Roessingh Research & Development
Start date5-9-2014
Type of fundingPieken in de Delta
Fields of application
Rehabilitation robotics

The last decennia, there has been an increasing interest in the use of robotics for gait training. The current robotic gait trainers are not proven to be better than conventional therapy. This is thought to be caused by the passive way of support and the lack of degrees of freedom. These factors are important for the learning process. An ‘assist-as-needed support’ could be the solution for a more active approach. This means support where and only when the patient needs it. This approach is implemented in a new robotic gait device, the LOPES. The device also contains more degrees of freedom which allow a more normal walking pattern. In addition, the patient is able to compensate during walking.


What is Pidon Lopes?

The aim of the project is to design and build a new robotic gait trainer for rehabilitation goals. This robotic device must implement the assist-as-needed support and more degrees of freedom. The effect of the robotic gait trainer will be studied.

MOOG, Sint Maartenskliniek
Funded by
European Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Province of Overijssel