Integrated robot system for automotive components

Participating member(s) LEO ESPS
Start date1-1-2010
Type of fundingN/A
Fields of application
Industrial robotics

Integrated robot system for producing an automotive component

Sensata was looking for a robust solution to seal thermostats at its premises in China. This had to be done quickly and to a very high standard. It was also important to prevent liquids from entering the thermostat. The critical processes thus involved accurately installing the seal and checking if the seal was effective.


ESPS solution

The critical processes were automated using a robot system and a dial table. An operator places the product in a fixture on the dial table, where it is collected by a Fanuc robot. The robot places a seal around the thermostat with a very high degree of accuracy. Once the automatic processes have been completed, the operator removes the product from the fixture and places it in a compact oven in order to harden the seal. Like the robot and dial table, the frame and machine hood are also standard components. Only the product-specific components, like the product fixture and the grippers, were modified by ESPS engineering to make them compatible with the product.


Result for the customer

The equipment was successfully installed at the customer's premises in Asia. The use of semi-automatic production helped to significantly improve the quality of the end product. Due to the dial table, the operator will be able to continuously transport products to the equipment, thus allowing the entire production process to be speeded up and for a higher yield to be realised.

The use of standard components helps to minimise risks, makes the equipment robust and reliable and decreases the time needed to complete the project.


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