Participating member(s) LEO Schuitemaker
Start date1-1-2007
Type of fundingFood & Nutrition Delta
Fields of application
Agricultural robotics and automation

Innovado - Schuitemaker

Showing the fully automatic Innovado in action. Delivering food straight from the silage clamp to the cow.



The Innovado is a self-propelled mixer-feeder. It moves to the silage clamp by itself, cuts the feed, automatically cleans the silage clamps, mixes, moves back to the barn, pushed the feed into the feeding passage and returns to the silage clamp, all without the help of a driver. The route is mapped out by way of transponders and RTK-GPS. 

Unique to the Innovado is the fully automatic process. The process has no shortcuts when it comes to achieving the highest possible feed efficiency. Feed bunkers or kitchens are not required. The Innovado feeds unassisted, straight from the silage clamp. This minimizes the risk of heating and maximizes the feed efficiency. 


The system... 


The Innovado is linked to a feed management programme designed to set up the ration. The feed management programme uses wireless transmission to convey this information in real time to the SiS computer of the Innovado. The SiS computer responds to this by starting the motor of the Innovado at the right time. The Innovado then brings the roughage from the silage clamp without any assistance. The GPS coordinates guides the machine on its way to the silage clamp. Once the Innovado has arrived at the silage clamp, the scanners take control and point to the exact position for the feed to be taken from the clamp. 


Benefits of the Innovado include: 


+ Straight from the silage clamp to the cow

+ Maximum feed efficiency

+ Fully automatic, without intermediary storage

+ Capable of being used on just about any (existing) farm 

+ Continuously providing fresh feed contributes to the cow’s health

+ Saves time and labor

+ Required feed composition is easily programmable 


Funded by
Ministry of Economic Affairs