Participating member(s) LEO Focal Meditech
Start date1-1-2014
Type of fundingN/A
Fields of application


During the last 25 years, Focal has developed a wide array of dynamic arm support systems. However, the continual need for better functioning models keeps on growing. Following the introduction of the price winning model Darwin® in 2012, Focal developed a new innovative model with valuable and unique characteristics.


During the Rehacare exhibition in Düsseldorf the so called Gowing was introduced. The support system has numerous innovative applications, including (but not limited to) a strong focus on the possibility to reach the face and movement characteristics that guarantee smooth forward and upward movements. It is possible to adjust the Gowing to be compatible with different circumstances and development of blocking and stabilizing is based on completely new principles. The control has been kept simple and logical. Safety and comfort are high, and the design is exquisite.