Assistive Innovations has developed a unique feeding robot: meet the iEAT Feeding Robot

Friday 18 November 2016

Assistive Innovations has developed a unique feeding robot. The iEAT feeding robot will change the world of feeding supports. This electrically controlled feeding robot is suitable for people with none or  limited arm, hand or finger function. The iEAT feeding robot can be set into automatic or semi-automatic mode. The feeding robot doesn’t have complicated menu’s to adjust personal settings, it can be set extremely easy by the user or his/her environment at each moment of the day.


iEAT feeding robot:

  • Extremely easy to feed yourself
  • Highly functional
  • Very compact, easy to carry
  • Modern design

Read more on the website of Assistive Innovations.

Assitive innovations develops iEat feeding robot

Assistive Innovations Rehacare 2016 - iEat feeding robot