Mission & Vision

"Strengthening and subsequently propagating the entire value chain surrounding robotics in the eastern Netherlands, through intensive collaboration between knowledge institutes, corporations, and policymakers"

Robots are the future. An aging society, increasing societal welfare, and exponential technological developments each contribute uniquely to the development of robots. Robots are already supporting us in areas such as health care, manufacturing, and in dangerous tasks still done by humans out of necessity. The possibilities for robots to support us will continue to grow.

The eastern Netherlands has the potential to seize a leading role within specific aspects of these developments. Because of the fundamental and applied science that is done within knowledge institutes, in combination with the expertise and capabilities of regional high-tech corporations, a strong foundation exists upon which can be elaborated. However, to seize available opportunities, a coordinated effort is required. LEO – Center for Service Robotics has been founded in order to improve collaboration and transparency between members. LEO focuses on two main goals:

Strengthening the skills and expertise of members through workshops and symposia, improving the business climate, and creating enthusiasm among talent full youth to follow a technical education.
Externally profiling the regional expertise. Application areas in which members of LEO are excelling must be utilized in order to create momentum, which can then be used to improve the internal skills and expertise, thus creating a self-reinforcing system.

Service robotics is broadly defined as all robotic applications in which interaction with humans is required. LEO focuses strongly on three pillars.

  • Medical robotics (care, cure & rehabilitation)
  • Inspection robotics
  • Robotics within smart industry.

There is a deep believe that the members of LEO have the necessary potential to become an international center of excellence with time.

LEO will focus on executing numerous activities in order to achieve its goals, including:

  • Attracting partners from the entire value chain surrounding robotics, including the promotion and support of spin-offs.
  • Intensive collaboration between members with the goal of starting up new projects.
  • Knowledge enhancement through workshops, symposia, and foreign trips.
  • Promoting technical studies among adolescents.
  • Generating media-attention for accomplishments by LEO and its members.

Deploying these activities will lead to an increase in business activities and innovation regarding robotics in eastern Netherlands. The ultimate goal is that LEO and its members are internationally renown for their skills and expertise regarding medical, and inspection robotics, and smart industry.