Z-Tech Solutions BV

Fields of application Industrial robotics, Service robotics

Z-Tech Solutions BV

Core business 

Solving complex problems in the field of manufacturing and assembly processes, whereby the use of robotics is an integral part of the total solution.


Solving complex problems in the area of production processes is our core business and at the same time it is also our passion. Using broad technical knowledge at the highest level and experience in various disciplines, collaboration and creativity, we provide answers to these problems.

This with a pragmatic approach and a realistic glance  at the process, where we keep in mind that automation is not the goal but the means. In short, it is our passion to create something from scratch, which adds value for our customers. 
For our customers in the production and manufacturing business it means most of all more efficiency which is of great importance to maintain competitiveness and the right to exist.


By constantly improving production processes with new techniques, the Dutch production and manufacturing industry can again take a leading position. Automation, a greater flexibility in production and producing smaller series for these industries are increasingly crucial to maintain worldwide competitiveness. For suppliers of production equipment, it means that there are continuous improvements and innovations to be realized. To achieve this, close cooperation between companies, innovation-platforms and educational institutes are crucial.

Well-trained technical staff, cooperation, innovation and deployment of the latest technologies will lead to a healthy Dutch production and manufacturing industry with greater flexibility to meet the needs of the (international) market.

Z-Tech is a valued and reliable partner that wants to provide an important contribution with high quality technical knowledge.