University of Twente, Human Media Interaction

Fields of application Service robotics, Social robotics

The central subject of the MSc Human Media Interaction is the communication between humans and digital technology: desktop computers, virtual reality, ambient environments, and etcetera. The Masters is concerned with a combination of perspectives both from a technological and human-centered point of view.

Traditionally HCI is concerned with measuring usability and designing for usability. More and more questions about the user "experience" become central. As part of the Computer Science department, the MSc HMI also considers HCI from a technological perspective: how can we design smart interfaces using artificial intelligence and other techniques (speech and language processing, embodied agents, virtual reality, sensors, etcetera) to improve the interaction and the user experience.

Projects: University of Twente, Human Media Interaction

The ‘Friendly Robotic Outdoor Guide’ is a robot with a winning personality that will be able to recognize people’s emotions and act on them. 

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