Fields of application Care robotics, Consumer robotics

Smart products are spreading fast, and are increasingly within reach of both professionals and consumers. From robots that enable us to live at home for longer as we age, to domotics (home automation) that offers greater comfort and security and reduces energy consumption. Our living environment is becoming intelligent at a dizzying pace and is rapidly reducing our workload.

Selves stores will give you a keen idea of what’s happening in the world of smart products. In addition to selling the latest products in this field, consumers are able to familiarise themselves with these products by trying out the most recent developments. Selves is not a store with all its products arranged tidily on shelves. Visitors can touch the products and watch them live in action in a setting that looks much like their own home. A visit to Selves is intriguing and inspiring. Selves’s core areas of focus are care, education, security, comfort and entertainment.