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More than 95 years experience… that’s what counts!

Many years of experience in combination with a very strong image have given Schuitemaker a leading role in the agricultural as well as in the public sector. In both sectors, Schuitemaker has managed to retain its position through listening to the needs of the public, early observation of future needs, and keeping up with technological developments. Schuitemaker Machines was established in 1918.

For more than 95 years, the company has been manufacturing and selling professional equipment for agricultural use, such as for fodder production, feeding and manure spreading. The strength of all Schuitemaker products is the simplicity and the user-friendliness in particular. Service, safety and durability are the key principles in that respect. Schuitemaker machines are being sold all over the world. Schuitemaker Industrial is particularly aimed at offering a total package of winter solutions for the Dutch market, from spreaders to snowploughs and from storage sheds to management systems. Besides, both divisions can always count on the support of an experienced and professional after-sales team.

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Autonomous feeder INNOVADO


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The Innovado is a self-propelled mixer-feeder. The Innovado feeds unassisted, straight from the silage clamp. This maximizes the feed efficiency.

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