Roessingh Research & Development

Fields of application Care robotics, Rehabilitation robotics

Corporate mission: 
Roessingh Research and Development wants to be an internationally recognized research institute which develops knowledge and innovations concerning rehabilitation technology and telemedicine, and helps introducing these in rehabilitation/health care.

This mission includes two main objectives:

Anchoring of research and innovation 
The research and innovation themes of RRD closely connect with social needs. As a result of social developments, such as ever decreasing periods of hospitalization, doubled ageing statistics, an increasing demand for care and the growing attention for telemedicine, themes like rehabilitation technology and telemedicine were supported significantly in their further development.

Stimulus to implementation
Development of new rehabilitation technology or technology for diagnosis and treatment at distance will be of real value if it can really prove itself in health care. The distance between innovation research and implementation is sometimes larger than one might think. Perhaps implementation may be of less scientific importance, but may provide huge social importance. There is a growing need in health care for implementation of technology.

Corporate profile:
RRD’s research organization includes highly skilled professionals. The multidisciplinary staff consists of medical doctors, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, engineers and human movement scientists. They are not only engaged in scientific research and publications, but also involved in innovative implementation, project acquisition and project management.

Apart from a scientific staff, RRD also contains a supporting staff, which includes management assistance, project management, systems management and lab management.

Projects: Roessingh Research & Development

This project focuses on the application of mechatronic principles in healthcare by translating scientific innovations into practical systems

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Controlled care and rehabilitation of the arm and hand after a stroke, through personal tele-robotics in a home-environment.

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Proper functioning of the hand is essential for almost all daily activities. IronHand offers a tool for the elderly to strengthen their grip.


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Annually, more than 40.000 people around the world suffer from a stroke and from this group 70% is not capable of walking within four weeks. The LOPES assists in rehabilitation.



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