Fields of application Maritime robotics, Smart Industry, Inspection robotics

IMOTEC develops competitive mechatronic modules, machines and systems for the High Tech Systems industry, for Robotics and Industrial Automation and for Maritime Applications. Our core competences are in measurement, monitoring, control and actuation. We build long term relationships with our customers by delivering value; we aim to let them benefit from lower cost-of-ownership, higher flexibility, shorter time-to-market and sustained quality. To achieve this, we invest in our team; we want our developers to be world class in both expertise and attitude.

Projects: IMOTEC

A unique balance tester that features a large platform that moves unpredictably in all possible directions and measures human movements.

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A prestigious European competition in which contestants compete with each other to develop a drone suitable for industry.

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Inspection of shiptanks is labour intensive and hazardous. RoboShip automates these tasks while on open water and improves effectiveness.

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