Focal Meditech

Fields of application Care robotics, Service robotics, Social robotics

Focal Meditech BV is an independent Dutch manufacturer, importer, exporter and supplier of high end assistive technology. The Focal line of products involves:

  • High-end body support systems
  • Assistive robotics
  • Feeding aids
  • Head supports for very challenged persons
  • Individual solutions and special controls
  • R&D for third parties


Import in the Netherlands:

  • Robotarm Jaco from Kinova (Canada)
  • Modular head support systems from Whitmyer Biomechanics (US). These products are tuned to persons with complex postural problems.
  • Mealtime support device MySpoon from Secom Co.Ltd. (Japan). This product provides a modern-day solution for persons that are unable to eat alone.

Export to various European and other countries (see dealerlist) :

  • Dynamic arm supports Focal.
  • Headrest adjustment mechanisms Focal
  • Mealtime support devices MySpoon and Focal
  • Robotarm Jaco from Kinova, Bridgit (Focal) including addional Focal user interfaces, controls and services


Projects: Focal Meditech

This project focuses on the application of mechatronic principles in healthcare by translating scientific innovations into practical systems

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Gowing provides high-end armsupport for those who have lost the ability to fully utilize their arms. 

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