Fields of application Care robotics, Rehabilitation robotics, Surgical robotics, Inspection robotics


DEMCON is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, with as focus areas high-tech systems and medical devices.

DEMCON is a fast-growing business that supports clients with a wide range of competencies. As a system supplier, DEMCON can meet the entire needs of its clients, from proof of principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production. In more than 20 years, the business has grown to become the DEMCON Group (with more than 200 employees in 2014).

The head office is situated in Enschede, with subsidiary locations in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Oldenzaal and Münster (Germany). DEMCON has clients worldwide, from the Netherlands and Germany to Asia and the US.


Mechatronics is the multi-disciplinary specialism of DEMCON, which means that mechatronic systems engineering is the key discipline, the ‘mechatronic conscience’ within DEMCON. There are also strong disciplinary departments that combine the knowledge and competencies in their fields. Together, they are responsible for conceiving and developing innovative concepts and creative solutions for the design challenges of the clients.

DEMCON can provide for complete production, from prototyping and production engineering to setting up the supply chain and in-house assembly. DEMCON has the specialised knowledge for this, as well as the international supply network and the advanced facilities, including carefully developed assembly lines and an extensive clean room.

The ambition of DEMCON is to realise further growth by addressing new and challengingprojects, surveying new international markets and further expanding its production expertise and capacity.

DEMCON has developed from a business with roots in Twente to a Dutch business with international operations. For junior and senior talent with various educational backgrounds, experience and interests, DEMCON offers an intellectually challenging and socially inspiring working environment.

Projects: Demcon

This project focuses on the application of mechatronic principles in healthcare by translating scientific innovations into practical systems

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Flexible and autonomous needle- steering to improve procedure efficiency and reduce endoscopists workload and patient pain at low cost.


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Designing and producing an intelligent pump for procedures on the extremely vulnerable eye

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Annually, more than 40.000 people around the world suffer from a stroke and from this group 70% is not capable of walking within four weeks. The LOPES assists in rehabilitation.



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