Bachelorthesis Award Robotics | KIVI & LEO Robotics

KIVI and LEO Robotics are joining forces to present their first bachelorthesis award on robotics. The prize will be awarded at the annual congres on robotics on the 21st of April.


The finalists of the KIVI / LEO thesis award are selected based on a number of criteria, including the quality of work, the originality of their research questions and methods, and on their relevance for the development of robotics. It's worth noting that the thesisaward is nogt solely for students from technical studies. Students with different backgrounds are also free to participate. For example, a thesis on the ethics of robotics in a healthcare institution is a fine example of research helping the development and social acceptance of robotics. Similarly, a thesis on a business case for a certain type of robots can definately be submitted. 


Candidates can submit themselves, or be nominated by their teachers, untill the 31st of March, 2016, after which participation is no longer possible. From all nominated theses, three are selected to present themselves at the congress. These three finalists will be rated by a jury. During the congress itself the finalists are asked to present a short pitch on the relevance and importance of their research for robotics, after which the audience will be asked to score them. The weighted average of the jury's score and the audience's score will detemerine the winner.


All three finalists will receive a certificate that represents their accomplishment. In addition, the winner will receive a cash prize of €1.000 from KIVI and LEO Robotics.

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